The Digestive System


The health of our digestive system is directly dependent on what we eat and drink.  The delicate mucous lining that protects our entire digestive system is easily destroyed through bad eating habits as well as chemicals and drugs.  Without this protective layer the walls of our digestive system become sensitive and vulnerable to infection and inflammation as well as loss of muscle tone. The natural bacteria are also affected when we abuse our bodies and this leads to an increased risk of infection because the good bacteria cannot protect us from invading pathogens.


Good digestion and absorption of the foods we eat is vital for good health. Enzymes play a vital role in the health of our digestive system. From the moment food enters our mouth, digestion begins. If digestion is poor, so is the absorption of nutrients from our food. Depletion of our digestive enzymes occurs when we eat an excessive amount of cooked and processed foods.


We need to eat sufficient natural fibre to ensure that we are able to “sweep” the walls of our colon clean.  The fibre needs to be effective but gentle so as not to irritate the walls of the colon.  Good natural fibre includes:


·      Fresh fruit and a little dried fruit.


·      Fresh vegetables which can be lightly steamed or ideally eaten raw.


·      Seeds such as linseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds etc., as well as nuts. Nuts can be soaked in a little water overnight to make them easier to digest. Many years ago, nuts were collected off the ground and then eaten, but in modern times nuts are picked from the trees. This does not allow the natural enzymes to be released before they are eaten and can therefore make them difficult to digest.


Without sufficient fibre, foods become impacted against the walls of the colon causing a toxic colon as well as narrowing of the passage along which digestion and absorption takes place.   

Excessive and prolonged stress can have a negative affect on the digestive system. This is because stress can cause spasms (knots) to occur along the walls of the colon causing pain, discomfort and an irritable bowel.


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