Detox Your Body The Natural Way

Detox Your Body The Natural Way

Moving through the motions of life, we try to do what is best for our bodies. Things like balancing mental health with physical wellness. Adjusting our diet when it's needed. And also supplementing our body with vitamins during low immunity. What we don’t realise – is that extra sluggish or poorly feeling could be a sign it's time for a needed detoxing. Get ahead by identifying the symptoms and discovering how to detox your body the natural way with these methods and solutions. 

Understand Detoxing: What Is It All About? 

The body exists in a state of homeostasis, where it oxygenates your body, regulates its vitals, keeps it warm, and fights off illness. And when you need extra support for these functions, there are solutions and guides for each aspect of your life.   

The body is also hard at work processing toxins that you come into contact with. These toxins include the pollutants in the air and chemicals in cosmetics, cleaning agents and elements we are exposed to in the modern world. Your liver, kidneys, intestines and lymphatic systems are busy at work processing and expelling these toxins. However, these chemicals build up in organs, and overwhelm the body, resulting in sub-par health.

Signs You Need To Detox Your Body

  • Noticeable fatigue
  • Trouble with gastro-intestinal function and waste elimination
  • Irritated skin (blemishes, dullness, etc)
  • Allergies
  • Poor immunity (repeated infections, inability to heal)
  • Puffy and tired eyes
  • Bloating, acid reflux and other gastro-intestinal irritations
  • Difficulty with keeping your attention and an irritated mind
  • Frequent mood and emotional instability

Natural Detoxing Methods 

Refresh your body and get the most out of life by applying lifestyle and dietary changes. And for added detox support? Our Herbay solutions for a complete holistic detox result.


Apply these changes to your daily routine to assist your body’s natural ability to expel toxins.

Detox Your Body The Natural Way

  • Get active – Exercise, sweat it out and get those toxins movin’ on! Think of low-intensity aerobic exercises like jogging, dancing, bike riding, and swimming. For the more adventurous, try heated yoga.

  • Get enough sleep – Sleep not only rejuvenates tired bodies but also eliminates toxins that accumulate during long days. This helps keep your cognitive ability in check and improves the chances of warding off the potential Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Opt for natural cleaning products – Keep chemicals away and opt for natural cleaning products. Feel creative? Try these DIY cleaning solutions.

    • Limit stress – Breathe, be mindful, practice grounding, and maybe consider a lifestyle change. If it’s for health, do what you need to.

    • Fast – Fasting has been a practice found in religions and fitness regimens around the world. A recently released show, Limitless, explores the benefits of fasting and jumps into the science of why it works. To start, try a scheduled period of 8 hours of fasting at a time.


    Next, power your body and lifestyle with the right foods and resources. Give your body a reboot with these nourishing goods.

    Detox Your Body The Natural Way

    • Drink more water, cut back on alcohol – Drink up! Add lemon to your water or opt for green tea. While you are at it, stick to your daily recommended water intake

    • Reduce sugar and salt – Watch out for processed foods, but also sneaky sugars in drinks. Keeping sugar to a minimum is a top priority for those wanting to steer clear of its harmful effects. Salt is also linked with water retention, preventing urination and detox elimination. Unsatisfied with bland foods? Try to replace sugars and salt with flavourful substitutes.

  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants and prebiotics – The term ‘anti-oxidant’ gets thrown around quite a bit in the health and food industry. Essentially, it relates to the foods that help the body reduce damage caused by free radicals (ultimately lowering the risk of diseases that get in the way of detoxification.) Think of berries, fruits, nuts, cocoa, vegetables, spices, coffee and green tea. (Green tea is a common theme in detoxification).

  • As for prebiotics, it’s a term for the fibre that feeds the good bacteria in your gut (probiotics). Consume more tomatoes, artichokes, bananas, asparagus, onions, garlic, and oats.

    Solutions And Supplements

    Reinforce your body’s detox efforts with natural health products designed to work with your holistic approach.

    Detox Your Body The Natural Way


    Herbay Detox Blood Cleanse

    As toxins build up in the body through overindulging, medications, parasites and heavy metals, it is advisable to cleanse the body at least twice a year. This tincture serves as both an excellent liver detox and cleansing of the body of toxins in various organs.

    Simply add 30 drops to half a glass of water and drink in the morning and evening.

    Herbay Cleaning Capsules Detox

    This solution contains 30 capsules designed to: 

    • Ease constipation, helping waste and toxin removal
    • Cleanse the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, glands / lymphatic system
    • Rid the body of worms and other parasites

    Redefine Your Detox Routine With Tones Family Health 

    Interested in giving your body and lifestyle a refresh with a detox? Learn more about our detox products or contact us for a consultation.

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