Vincent and I first met nearly 30 years ago and have been involved in the health industry ever since. Edith (Vincent’s Mom) owned and ran one of the first and busiest Health Shops in South Africa, the HEALTH BOX  – which is still running today, sparking the initial interest in the health industry for the whole family. While managing the Health Box we began studying through the SA College of Herbal Medicine & Health. Once we completed the course we decided to buy the College and finally completed our internship under our mentor Dr Renee Anderson.

It became apparent to us that our expertise lay in formulating and developing natural health products, concepts and remedies.

Our secret to success was thanks to our many customers who taught us what worked and what didn’t. Every time we received positive feedback on a certain herb or nutrient we wrote down the customer’s personal experience. Soon we had an entire book that we crossed referenced with what we had studied. The knowledge and experience was invaluable. All our remedies are all based on what has continuously worked for clients and not just what is supposed to work.

Our passion for health has now grown into a Family run business with a range of over 100 different products being sold and recognised worldwide

- Cheryl Tones


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