Digestive Health

Hippocrates said that:

Bad digestion is the root of all evil.

Repair your Digestive System Now because A healthy gut = a healthy life.

TFH Digestive Repair Kit helps restore your digestive health. It will help improve the digestion of food, the absorption of nutrients, repopulate the gut with good bacteria, repair damage to the lining of the gut, restore natural peristaltic movement and reduce inflammation.

Bloating, flatulence, indigestion, ulcers, heart burn, leaky gut, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS are all symptoms of poor gut health. Migraines, eczema, weight gain, blood sugar issues, food allergies, fatigue, skin conditions, insomnia, depression, anxiety and autoimmune disorders can often be linked to digestive issues.

Your gut is the core of your body and it is connected to everything that happens in your body. By repairing your gut you are not only treating your indigestion and bloating but also supporting your immune system, hormones, mood and overall health.

Within the GI tract, gut microbes promote peristalsis (the movement of food through the intestines), protect against infection, produce vitamins, and maintain a healthy gastrointestinal mucus layer.
Outside the digestive tract, gut microbes influence other organs and tissues through neural networks and signaling molecules. Through these complex communication networks, gut microbes regulate 70 to 80 percent of the immune system and influence blood sugar control. (4, 5) They also modulate the function of the brain, bone, heart, skin, eyes, and muscle tissue.
When the gut microbes are disrupted, processes normally regulated by the gut microbiota, such as immunity and brain function, are impaired. This ultimately may lead to the development of chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease, metabolic dysfunction, and mental health issues, among many other health problems.

Digestive Health

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