Collection: EGUS Natural Digestive Repair (Equine)

EGUS will also help insure that the food that is eaten is digested properly by supplying the digestive system with the needed enzymes. This will reduce the secretion of excessive amounts of acid needed to get the food digested. EGUS also contains Prebiotics and Probiotics to help put back the good
bacteria into the gut. Good bacteria are needed to ensure good absorption of food as well as a healthy immune system. EGUS will help with the following conditions :
Stomach ulcers, recurring colic, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, flatulence,
candida (fungal infections), malabsorption and general digestive discomfort.
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  • B Propolis 50ml
  • HMC
  • HMC PLUS Cilantro
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  • Natural Remedies Extended Consultation
  • Sinus & Allergy