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Feast Freak Absorb and Activate gives you the power to stimulate your
appetite on command and allows your body to absorb each and every essential nutrient you consume throughout the day (Food, Body Building Powders and Nutraceutical supplements)
Feast Freak is the spark plug / catalyst used by those who have hit there plateau and want to reach a higher level,  so as achieve their ultimate goal.
Whether you are trying to: 
• Gain Muscle Mass • Bulk Up • Rip / Cut
Maximising your absorption of nutrients puts less strain on the digestive system - Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas and stomach.  
Feast Freak is the next level in supplementation:
•     Feast Freak ensures that essential nutrients will not pass through your system without being absorbed.
•     Allows you to have control over your appetite.
•     Repairs the body's cellular tissue increasing your recovery time.
•     Restores electrolyte balance whilst supporting your adrenals and thus your staying power.

Activate: In the kitchen is where the gains are made Feast Freak - Activate is a revolutionary enhancement in supplementation allowing you, on command, to stimulate your appetite and Break down complex nutrients, elements, and other substances for easier absorption or elimination.

ABSORB is designed to inhumanly maximize the absorption of each and every meal and supplement you consume throughout the day allowing you to push past previous limits. Absorb contains a super concentrate enzymatic blend that will break down food into usable and absorbable nutrients.

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