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Since we first met over 20 years ago we have been involved in the health industry. Edith (Vincent’s Mom) owned and ran one of the first Health Shops in South Africa, the HEALTH BOX  – which is still running today 35 years later, sparking the initial interest in the health profession for the whole family. While managing the Health Box we began studying through the SA College of Herbal Medicine & Health. Once we completed the course we decided to buy the College and finally completed our internship under our mentor Dr Renee Anderson.

It became apparent to us that our expertise lay in formulating and developing natural health products, concepts and remedies. 

This is what we love doing and have continued to follow this passion ever since.


Products & Services:

·      Lifetones – The natural way to relieve painful, stiff, aching joints and muscles.
·      Natural Health Academy – Long distance learning.
·      The Herbay Range of health products.

·      Tones Family Health offering consultations, dietary advice, customized remedies
       (Tinctures, Teas and Organic Creams & Soaps) for complex ailments.

·      Hairfix - For hair repair and growth.

·      Third Party Manufacturing.