Fibromyalgia - What it feels like

Fibromyalgia in sufferers often feels like painin the muscles which is often not isolated to one area but, experienced as widespread muscle pain. The condition is usually not easily diagnosed and this can make the sufferer frustrated. Woman are usually diagnosed with fibromyalgia but, it can affect men and children too.

Most sufferers endure flu-like symptoms that seem to persist over a long period of time.

Some of the common complaints of fibromyalgia sufferers can include

• Pain all over

• Extreme Fatigue

• Trouble sleeping

• Stiffness, especially in the morning

• Muscle cramps

• Weakness in muscles

• Headaches

Triggers for symptoms can include stress, weather conditions, hormones, disturbed

sleep, depression and anxiety.

High acid levels can cause general body pain as well as cramps and fatigue.


Follow a low acid diet.

Herbs: Nettle, alfalfa, celery, motherwort, ginkgo, comfrey,

Supplements: Malic acid. B complex. COQ10, calciun and nagnesiun. BCAA