Testimonials from customers

“My pain has just retreated. LIFETONES has given me back my life”

I’m Tricia Skea and for the last 12 years I’ve suffered from an ailment that has had me in constant pain from terrible muscle and joint stiffness, aches and pains. If you have this type of condition you will know how very debilitating it is. Your life ceases to be because you cannot move and are in constant pain. My daughter sent me a bottle of LIFETONES to help me travel home from overseas – she insisted that she could help me travel back without pain.

Within two short weeks of starting LIFETONES, my body improved so much that I was actually able to get on that flight and fly back in relative comfort. Since then my pain has just retreated and retreated. It is so incredible to wake up in the morning and be able to move. Before when I got out of bed I used to hold myself back from going “Ah! Ah!” because my body hurt so much! I’m still a little stiff, a little achy; you must do stretching exercises every day. But once I’ve done my stretching exercises I am on the go, it’s amazing. I am so overwhelmed by LIFETONES and I will not be without that product in my life, ever. I’d advise anybody, please, if you have terribly aching joints or muscles then don’t just walk, run to your nearest pharmacy or health shops for it!

LIFETONES really has changed my life and I was thinking how very aptly named it is, LIFETONES, because it has given me back my life."

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"Gil sustained many injuries in endurance, off road biking and powerboat racing. He received Springbok colours in F3 racing and completed many Durban offshore races. His extreme sporting came to a sudden halt 15yrs ago at the age of 50 after completing the last of several renowned and gruelling Cape Aghulas offshore races in which he sustained multiple compression fractures of the spine.

Many therapies have helped with balance and alignments. Drugs and anti inflammatories are short term and often ineffective. As a Craniosacral Therapist I have managed to keep his muscles, connective tissue and fluid body in balance each time he injures himself which is almost weekly due to repetitive strains of the leisure boat/bike industry.
On starting LIFETONES, Gil noticed early in the day that his pain was almost gone, by evening the same day he was pain free. Now 3 weeks of total body comfort has prompted him to start riding his newly acquired Gas Gas bush bike again". - Felicity Femandes (RCST)


"My name is Basil and I am 83 years young. About thirty years ago the aches and pairs began. The pair seemed to have been periodical. It came in waves every two months or so. The arthritis affected my knees, ankles, wrists, toes, fingers and occasionally my shoulder.
My wife Janet and I enjoy socialising especially with our family and friends we think it is important to bond and connect with ones loved ones. This would always entail good food and good wine.
I know that the red wine added to my aches and pains. On Saturday I was in serious pain and was given a bottle of LIFETONES which I promptly took. It only
took a few days and the pain reduced drastically. I must admit I have only used half a bottle over the last two months and what a relief.
Thank you Tones Family. I still sneak a social vino now and again but I suppose that's what a balanced life is about."


"My name is Berenice Williams and I am 65 years young! Life is so much easier sinceI discovered LIFETONES and I'd like to share my story with you.

I first started suffering from arthritis in my early 40's, the pain of which is so uncomfortable that it has been a real downer on my life! I have tried so many different pain pills and injections, none of which have done much good for me at all or only helped for a little while. Well, one can't just keep on taking all these things indefinitely, so after seeing an advert in the newspaper for LIFETONES promising relief from joint pain. I was curious. I went to look on the LIFETONES website to find out more and I discovered many testimonials from other people there, which convinced me to try LIFETONES. My partner also suffers from arthritis and he started taking it with me.
After our second bottle of LIFETONES, we have not looked back. I used to have such severe back pain that I would have to crawl out of bed, but those days are gone. Honestly, it really does not happen anymore thanks to LIFETONES. We both find we move more freely than before, and if we do get pain, which is rare, it is much milder. I love to exercise and have decided to start cycling again which I could not do before being on LIFETONES.
I promote LIFETONES and it's healing effects to all my friends because of the huge impact it has had in improving my quality of life. LIFETONES is a natural remedy and not everyone believes in these kind of medicines, but I urge friends to try it because it really makes a difference. My partner agrees: He has been away since last week and forgot his bottle of LIFETONES at home. He phoned me to tell me that he couldn't get out of bed again, so I'm glad he'll be home soon to get on his LIFETONES once more."

"My name is Corinne and my husband is Steve. In February this year I was taking my usual walk at the top of old main road near the Curries Post turn off when a bus hit me from behind. I apparently flew meters in the air and landed face first in the gravel. What a trauma it obviously wasn't my time, not one broken bone, grazes, bumps, tissue damage, mouth and gum trauma and damage to my one thumb.
My thumb kept dislocating and I could hardly move it. This was such a disability, not being able to even open a bottle, a tap or even put my clothes on easily. My thumb had chronic pain. I purchased a bottle of Lifetones two weeks ago which I have shared with my husband. By
Monday two days later I realised that my thumb was completely pain free and mobile again. I also noticed that my knees were pain free. All I can say is, my story
is genuine and that I am 99% better in ONLY THREE DAYS!!!!!!"


"Hi. My name is Dianne Swan, I am 59 years old and retired. LIFETONES helped me recover from severe joint pain and I'd like to share my positive story with you. I discovered LIFETONES after reading an article in a magazine about how it had helped someone with joint pains and gout.
I suffered from joint pain in my fingers, knees and hips, and I'd even had a knee replacement to try reduce the pain. My 61 year old partner Clive also battled with continuous aches and pains. Although we thought this was all due to our "getting on in years", we still decided to try LIFETONES in the hope that it would benefit us too.
We both took it for about three weeks before I noticed I could bend my fingers easier again. Previously, I had very stiff fingers and the pain was quite bad: a dull ache that would not go away. I was unable to close my hands easily, and it was especially bad in the mornings. My partner really battled with his shoulder, which he struggled to rotate easily without feeling pair. Being an active man who plays bowls and golf, this really hampered his activity.
We feel that LIFETONES helped flush the acid out of our systems, enabling us to feel better again. The pain has really eased for both of us. My knee pair has completely gone since taking LIFETONES. It has really helped us both to feel younger and pain free again and we'd highly recommend you try LIFETONES out for yourself."


"My name is Jean Bradfield, I have just turned 65 on 5 October. I would like to tell you how life has changed since using Lifetones. I went to Healthworld in Kloof & complained about my sore foot (gout) couldn't get closed shoes onto my feet, too sore, had a bad knee, been like that for years & my latest ( arthritis) it attacked my hands. I was in such pain I relied on pain killers (at least 8 a day) & dreadful drugs that had given me a stomach ulcer as well, so had to take more drugs to combat that problem. The lady that owns the shop recommended taking Lifetones and the results were practically immediate. I no longer take anything but Lifetones, no more drugs, no more pain. I can't recommend it enough.

"My name is Jono and I am 41 years old. I would like to share my Lifetones story with you. I have always been a very active person. I play league squash, mountain bike every weekend and paddle too with the Dusi being a highlight of my sporting calendar. I was frustrated to discover, as I got older, that pain in my knees forced me to slow down my active lifestyle.
I stopped my squash altogether as the jarring effect of my knees whilst playing was becoming too painful. I also found myself waking up in the mornings feeling stiffness in my joints. Although I am a positive person, I was beginning to have visions of having to cut back on all my sports activities and feared advanced age issues setting in. Then I met Vincent Tones, the developer of Lifetones, and heard about the benefits of taking this product. Initially I thought only people with muscular ailments, arthritis or gout took the product, but after reading up on the product and seeing the wonderful testimonials on the website, I decided to give it a try. I can honestly say that Lifetones is a product that I would recommend to my friends and fellow sportsmen. I can certainly feel the difference when I wake up in the morning: with no more stiffness in my joints, it's lekker to get up! I am back to playing squash regularly with no painful knees and actively enjoying all my other sports. Old age will have to wait, thanks to Lifetones."


Lulhfia's pain relief
Hi my name is Luthfia Khan, a 29 year old mother of two. For the past two
years my life has been ruined with constant joint pain. Fortunately I have now discovered Lifetones and I want to tell you how Lifetones has helped make my life so MUCH easier.
I am a housewife and a stay-at-home mum and I have been blessed in having a second baby seven months ago. Even though I am young, for no apparent reason all my joints just began aching with pain, especially in my elbows, my knees and my neck. Some days it was so bad that my husband had to drag me out of bed because I could not get out myself. I had been to the doctor's too many times for injections and medication which just eased the pain temporarily: I was just so tired of being in pain. One day I went to my pharmacy and they recommended I try Lifetones. When I saw it was a herbal based formulation, I was sure it would be good. I took It for two weeks with no other medication and it really seemed to help.
Now I take Lifetones daily, every morning and also at night, and the relief has been like coming out of hell. To try to go to sleep at night in pain is not a good thing, especially when you are so young. Although I don't work I still need to be active at home, especially for my children. My friends and husband have really noticed the difference in me since I started taking Lifetones. It's no longer a burden to get out of bed, and such a relief that I don't have to go to the doctors all the time too. I am so much happier and have recommended Lifetones to my friends as it has been such a help to me.


Hi my name is Renchia Du Preez, I am 70 years old and I've got rheumatism & osteoarthritis. I was a hairdresser here for most of my life, with lots of standing and using my arms and hands in my work. I was married to a farmer for 38 years, but sadly he passed away 15 years ago. I think I was married to the best man in the world. I don't know whether it was the shock of his death or what, but that was when all the pains really started.
Until my introduction to Lifetones, I had terrible pains in my ankles, knees, arms and shoulders. I had two knee replacements and one hip replacement within two months. I am due for two shoulder replacements, but now that I have discovered Lifetones, I don't think I need those anymore-we'll see!
I heard about Lifetones from my friend who has also had a hip replacement. She lives in Northern KZN, and when she came to visit recently, she saw I was in terrible pain. "Try these drops I take for 3 days" she suggested .... Well on the fourth morning we went in to Standerton, and I said, "you know what, I am so much better, I can get down the stairs!". It was all thanks to my friend's Lifetones drops. I was on a very strong pain medication before, but it does not do even half of what Lifetones does. I usually walk with a little walker, but since last week I can sometimes just leave my walker and walk without it.
I am young at heart and I love people, entertaining and especially love to cook. I am such a busy-body & Lifetones is really helping keep me on the go without the pain. I tell everyone about it. This Lifetones, it's a miracle.



Hello, my name is Vic Kipps. I had a back operation a few years ago and as a result my body, from the waist down, became extremely sensitive to all feeling, aches & pains. If I stood on the smallest thing on the floor, it felt like a mountain! The orthopaedic surgeon & neurologists told me that my back deterioration was probably due to an injury when I was younger that caused problems as I aged. Being 60 years old, I am not a youngster anymore and with age my ankles & knees also started to feel like they were going to konk out when I walked up stairs. Then I saw an article about Lifetones in the Northglen News and I thought "let's see if this works". I bought a bottle from the pharmacy and tried it out. It took about two weeks before I felt a difference but I must say, it works! Since I've been taking Lifetones, the has eased up and my body doesn't feel as sore or sensitive anymore. Whilst the operation pulled my back straight and alleviated the
pain a bit, it has been Lifetones that has really helped with the pain and sensitivity that I felt subsequently.
Although I used to scuba dive and I still ride a bike, what I really love is my DIY hobby and I need to keep active for that. At home I like to get busy & love doing things like fixing the family cars myself or doing DIY tasks around the house. I like things to be done 100%: I want it done right so I do it myself! I still work - it's another 4 years until retirement - but I am now deskbound due to the back operation. Before my operation, my job was quite physical and popping pills every day wasn't helping. Now I can say that Lifetones is really working for me. I feel a lot stronger and there are no more niggly aches & pains to bother me. Being more energetic thanks to Lifetones also helps me stay on top of all my activities.
I've referred my sister and some friends to Lifetones, because it definitely works, I'll keep on taking it regularly to make sure the pain does not return. I hope that my Lifetones story will help you, like the story I read helped me.


Hi - my name is Vijay Maistry, I live in Durban and I'm 47 years old. I suffer with a form of arthritis called Spondylosis (Spondylosis is a term referring to degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints in the vertebrae). I also have a heart problem and I've had a stroke in my past. I used to be very, very sick and had to go to the doctor every week for an injection, as well as spending two days a month in hospital to get injections for my spine. I tried everything for the oain. I had a neck collar and a back collar that I used to use, and I took so many different kinds of pain medications.
I couldn't walk with the oa>r and often I was reduced to literally crawling on my knees. Sometimes my husband had to feed me because I couldn't hold a plate to eat. I very nearly gave up hope on everything: It was so bad that I wanted to take my tablets and go and slip away quietly somewhere. I was so tired of being sick , in pain, and constantly having to go to the doctors.
Then I read an article on Lifetones in the newspaper and I thought: let this be the last one I will try. I bought a bottle from
Motala's Pharmacy in Phoenix and started taking it, but at first I got no results. I was so desperate that I did not give up.
Nothing takes one day to get better: sometimes it takes one month or two months. My first bottle finished and I bought a
second bottle. Only in that next month did I start to see that I was getting much better. The pain was going and I felt I could stop going to the doctor and to the
hospital. It felt like I was beginning to get my life back.
I really feel like Lifetones has made me reborn. I don't take any other pain medication now, just Caltrate for my bones. I'm on my fourth bottle of Lifetones. Initially I took it twice a day to start but now I only take it once a day. No more getting sick, no more crawling on my knees: I can walk to the local Plaza and I don't have to take a taxi there anymore. I work a full day without pain and can do all my housework with a spring in my step. I've told all my friends and even the other patients at the doctor about Lifetones because it has really given me my life back. I am so grateful.


Hi my name is Carey Wylde Hughes, I am an Estate Agent in the Midlands, Hilton. I have a hectIc and busy lifestyle being involved with the community in various forms, like the Hilton Ratepayers Association, Bobbies and Hilton Steam Train Revival, so I need to be well and cannot afford to be off. My first introduction to Lifetones was from a testimonial I saw of a friend of mine, whom I called to confirm how well this formula worked.


I started taking Lifetones on Monday 15 October 2012. Two days later the first thing I noticed is that I slept through the night without waking to my many(6) night sweats. I feel great because we all know how important a good night's sleep is. I started Menopause at the age of 42 and have battled for 1 1years with these very embarrassing sweats, day and night! I am not saying they have totally completely gone as I still am having a few during the day.


Hi my name is Pemby McConnell, I've had arthritis since I was 38 years old, I was told by doctors I'd be in a wheelchair. But I've discovered Lifetones.

I have to tell you that Lifetones has made my life so much better, it has worked like a charm. I am an excellent candidate to tell you how this product can help you too. It has been like a miracle for me. After trying all kinds of other stuff, I must be honest Lifetones is the first product which has worked amazingly.

I am an ex dancer, you won't believe it but I can still stretch my leg out straight holding my hand on my heel even though I'm 69! My friends will tell you I am a very young and active 69! I've got a choir of my own, I sing a lot and even the retirement village where I live is very lively.

My whole life I have been very energetic, playing competitive tennis & performing on stage, so I was devastated when I got arthritis so young. When my husband passed away three years ago, and with the stress of his illness, my knees gave in completely. I had to undergo a knee operation & of course I still have osteoarthritis, but I want to tell you, since I have been taking Lifetones ... I've just felt amazing. I take anti inflammatory medication daily which controls the swelling but coupled with the Lifetones there has been phenomenal change to my physical well being.

If you had seen me before my knee op, I was in such pair. I was going to have operations on both knees but Lifetones has gotten my left knee back to almost 100% without the operation.

There are similar products on the market, but Lifetones has really been the best product I've ever taken. It worked quickly and continues helping me keep on the go & pain free. Even the lady in my local St John's pharmacy where I purchase was amazed at how quickly I improved once I started Lifetones. My advice to everyone is to please try it, Lifetones really has been a miracle for me, don't just sit back & do nothing if you have pain or say it won't work, just try it!"


"Hi my name is Yogesh Naidoo and I suffered badly from severe gout, mainly in my big toe. I also battle with my joints, suffering pain from past injuries & operations. I want to share my Lifetones story with you.

A while ago, my wife walked past the health shop at La Lucia Mall & saw a poster on the window advertising Lifetones. After getting more information from the store, she purchased a bottle for me. My first thought when she showed it to me was "what rubbish", but I decided to try it anyway. I have never been very health conscious or physically active and I admit that coffee & cigarettes are my downfall as my job is very stressful. On the second day I took Lifetones, I noticed my body passing all the impurities out. Without getting too disgusting about it, I was shocked by what I saw!

I promise you, it was so quick! I stopped suffering from gout and I have not had an attack in ages, whereas I used to suffer bad attacks every 5 weeks or so. I know I had very high acid levels in my body and even though I stayed away from curries & acidic food, I still suffered my gout attacks. I constantly popped medication which sometimes could cost me over R900 a month. Now I take my Lifetones in a glass of water twice a day, keep well hydrated & have not looked back.

My shoes actually became looser for me because the water retention has stopped and I've lost weight too. My skin looks clearer and I feel great. Many people have asked what I am taking because they can see the difference. I am also a diabetic, diagnosed late in life and I take insulin. Fortunately I can take Lifetones in conjunction with my insulin and it does not affect the diabetes medications.

I have referred some of my family members to Lifetones and they have seen great results too. My brother in Johannesburg suffers from arthritis in the knees even though he goes to gym & is active. Lifetones has helped his arthritis. My mum has also suffered from severe arthritis after a bad fall, and Lifetones has helped ease her pair and give her some relief. Lifetones has really helped us all: try it for yourself and you'll see!"


Hi - my name is Anneliese Octer and I suffer from fibromyalgia, an awefull illness that makes your muscles ache with chronic pain. It feels as if it’s your joints but it’s actually in the muscles, and it can get so bad that you get to stages when you will try anything because you have so much pain. I suffered terribly from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. The pain starts in different places and just aches and aches to such an extent that it literally exhausts you. I’ve had back operations before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I thought perhaps the pain was referred pain from my back down my legs, but a specialist doctor told me it was fibromyalgia. Since then, I have tried many different medications which worked for a while but eventually become less effective. But, last year, just as I was going through absolute hell again and the pills had stopped working, a lady that works for me bought Lifetones from our local pharmacy for me to try.

You know, it really does work: I don’t know how, but it works. I find it so soothing. I run a baked goods factory from home so I need to be active. My Lifetones has not cured the pain completely but it makes moving so much more bearable that I don’t feel quite so down about life anymore. I take Lifetones at least once, maybe twice a day if I feel I need more and I feel it gets me through. I use it in conjunction with my prescribed medication for fibromyalgia and together they really work. There has been such an improvement in the pain over time. I tell my friends that I am terrified not to have Lifetones in my medicine cabinet because it soothes the pain so well. I recently took a bottle to my elderly aunt who was almost crippled by arthritis and was struggling to walk. Now she is almost back to normal and she is also amazed at the dramatic change. I even sent a visiting friend from Scotland home with 5 bottles of Lifetones to help treat her aching joints too!


“Hi, my name is Vida Puckree.

Many years ago I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and about a year later was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylitis. This affects my cervical spine causing terrible neck, shoulders, backache and joint pain.I tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and many other treatments and remedies which didn't help me with the pain. I heard about Lifetones and decided to purchase a bottle. I found fantastic results within a month of using it and feel so much happier being free of that terrible pain. I am a nurse and work between eleven and thirteen hours per shift, so being pain free makes my job a lot more manageable.”


“Hi, my name is Nick, I had a knee injury many, many years ago (rugby) so walking, kneeling down and getting back up was always anaah. I have had three bottles of Lifetones and I feel like doing the comrades, only kidding, but wow I feel like a spring chicken again.This is not all, my cholesterol dropped from over seven down to 4.7 just as an extra bonus whilst being on Lifetones. If you would like my number to discuss further just get it from Cheryl at her wonder health emporium. I will be glad to promote Lifetones .

What a brilliant product.”


Being in the peoples industry, it becomes extremely difficult to conduct yourself professionally with ongoing sinus and allergy problems. To worsen the situation, my wife suffered everyday of her life, with a permanent runny nose, which affected her sleep and mine.

Because of having to blow her nose all day, her nose looked like ‘Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer’. She was due for a sinus operation when I discovered the Lifetones Sinus and Allergy treatment. After just one days’ treatment, my wife amazingly slept soundly and has not suffered since. This was one of the best investments I have ever made. – Des Geyle Executive Financial Consultant.

Chris: Hi readers my name is Chris and I am part – owner of Dimple Paper in Pinetown. I know what you are going to say next…Hi Chris welcome to…no this is not an AA meeting I am Just sharing my experience.

I have to be very careful as to what supportive medication I take as I am on various chronic meds and anti-inflammatories to deal with the afore-mentioned ailments.

I saw Cheryl’s last advert and I decided to give her Lifetones a go, well you know what’s coming next- after a couple of days I could feel the pain ease with no necessity for pain tablets and within 1 week I was completely pain free. I actually feel human again. It is an absolutely amazing to feel like I have new lease on life. All I can say

Is give this wonder bottle a bash, for R95 you can not go wrong, well-done Tones Family, you have done a superb job. Keep up the good work.”


“I have been taking you Lifetones Calmag tablets and my night-time cramps have stopped.”


“My name is Trevor; I have turned 85 on the thirteenth of September last year. I have been hunched over in agony, using crutches and was feeling so depressed about having to book a wheelchair. The pain reached from my toe to my ankle up to the knee with my upper leg burning. One and a half days after taking my first dose of Lifetones, the pain disappeared, I am walking normally and have handed my crutches back... Let alone the wheelchair which I no longer need. I now have a spring in my step and a sparkle in my eye. I even danced a jig in delight. I want to spread the word about this fantastic product. You have no idea how it feels to be at the end of your tether, in pain and with no hope of recovering. All I can say is this was an angelic experience."

“Lifetones product info: Lifetones has been specifically designed to address not just the inflammation and pain but also the cause – the uric acid crystals which accumulate in and around the joints acting like millions of razor sharp crystals that cut into the surrounding tissue causing immense pain and swelling. Lifetones will help to break down the uric acid crystals and eliminate them.”


Hello my name is Lorna Labuschagne, I turn 71 this March, and as far as I'm concerned,    Lifetones is a miracle. Every year we go to Scottburgh Caravan Park and last year was no exception.

The year before my son had to fetch me my crutches to get me out of the car when we returned back to Jhb. I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and operated on within a week and was given the all clear. It seemed that after the operation my body pain got progressively worse, pains everywhere, in every joint, I could hardly walk. I was put onto certain diuretics (water tabs) which they discovered actually increased my gout. It was then discovered that I was so acidic that everything, I ate, drank or took medically gave me gout.

At the caravan park the bathrooms were a fare distance away from the caravan and I was finding it so painful to get to the bathroom and back. On the 3rd day of our holiday, I went to the Mall and saw a poster, all I saw was gout. I had taken every conceivable thing for gout and I thought -what do I have to loose, so I bought a bottle of Lifetones.

For the first 3 days I was in more pain than I had ever been in, but I persisted as the lady in the bookshop told me how fabulous it was. On the 4th day I woke up and didn't feel too bad, by the 5th day I was feeling even better and by the 6th day I was telling everyone in the campsite to go and buy Lifetones. They all went. I had a wonderful holiday at Scottburgh and when we arrived home this time I did not need crutches, I got out of the car myself and spent the rest of the day unpacking the caravan.

I now look for things to do, my housework, baking pies, putting washing up which used to hurt my back.

I am inline for a double knee replacement; however I am going to carry on taking Lifetones for a few more months to see if it can assist my knees. I am still experiencing pain in my 5th and 4th fingers on both hands, but I am going to still carry on taking Lifetones as I've suffered with these fingers for years and can't expect Acid Clear to fix it overnight. I am now getting assistance from Cheryl from Lifetones Customer Care Line as to how to fix my circulation problem and the other little gripes. I feel like I have made a new friend.


Hi my name is Erika Paull and for the last 10 years I have suffered with joint pain. I’d like to share my Lifetones story because now that I’ve tried Lifetones, this is a product I will never be without.

Initially I thought the pain was a hormonal thing, or because I was overweight, but I started exercising and lost weight, so I knew that this couldn’t be the reason. Then I started to get nodules on my fingers! I thought, “oh goodness, I am 42 and I look like an 82 year old: this is terrible!”. The nodules did not get worse but the pain did. With me, I think acidity is the problem because the pain in my feet was a gouty feeling, probably from a build up of uric acid. I have always liked to try and treat things naturally and have to really be sick to go to the doctor. But this pain started with my foot and just slowly got worse and regardless what I did it just wouldn’t go away.

At one stage I was taking all sorts of things but then a homeopath said they thought I was just putting a band aid on the real problem which I needed to sort out. They recommended I take it further which I did, but nothing I took seemed to cure it completely. The pain would come and go, particularly when the weather changed: oh my gosh, then it was really sore! But finally, since I’ve been taking Lifetones, it has improved.

When I heard about Lifetones, I was like … come on, how could this work! But once I tried it, I could not believe the difference. From the second or third dose I could feel it working. The pain has now eased completely. I exercise by walking three or four times a week and I really feel my walking has gotten better. Even walking up steps is made easier, I have to walk two floors up to my office and now I spring up the steps, no problem.

I’ve recommended Lifetones to a number of people. I’ve just gone onto my third bottle. It doesn’t even taste bad like some natural medicines and as I said, Lifetones I will not be without!


My Life has changed, I am pain Free! 8 weeks ago I told my Husband that I would rather go, than to live like this! As it was a death sentence! However today my life has done a complete turnaround and I look forward to a wonderful Christmas, thanks to Lifetones.

My name is Jennifer Smit, I live in Westville, I am 57 years old, have a daughter of 33 and a son of 30. I take care of the home, the groceries and my disabled mother who had a stroke over 19 years ago. I have endured pain and discomfort for most of my life, at the age of 5 I fell from a building and was blind for 6 months while being hospitalised for a year. Later on in life I jack knifed my car, rolled 5 times and was hospitalised for the injuries. My doctor advised me that due to the entire trauma my body had experienced so far it would become more painful with age.

I have been an active person all my life however due to my injuries; my body started shutting down with pain. I would lie in bed week in and week out, crying, I just wanted it to go away. I felt completely inadequate after being such and active person and caring for my mother, husband and home; this was all stressing me and making the pain worse. How would I ever recover and live a normal life, caring for my mom, my wonderful husband and enjoying the youth of my kids.

The ligaments in my back and shoulders where torn and my C2 vertebra was damaged, I couldn't even pick up groceries, I endured injections for 2 years, every 2 months, 5 in my skull, 7-8 in my back, this was after using all muscle relaxants and 6 sessions of acupuncture, which offered mild relief. My doctor eventually said that he could not do any more treatments as he was concerned about my ligaments disintegrating, I suffered from headaches every day of my life and took pills constantly throughout the night to elevate them.

Eventually my husband encouraged me to try a bottle of Lifetones, we pondered over it, briefly, but as I had nothing else to try we decided to just try it. At the beginning of October I started my first bottle, within about 3 weeks I was wakening without headaches and I could lift my arms and legs with minimal pain, boy oh boy!

I realized that the Lifetones was working. Now I am on my 2nd bottle and I am a new person, I drive my new car, haven't been back to my doctor in 2 months, I am able to pick up the groceries and my mother, who fell last Friday, all by myself, even though it took my husband and 2 paramedics to put her on a stretcher to get her into the ambulance.

I recently went for an MRI which left the Dr's stunned because the edema which I had on my C5 & C6 vertebra for the last 4 years had vanished. I feel like a Duracell Bunny, I fly around doing the laundry and caring for my mother and the home. I am so looking forward in restarting my belly dancing in the new year as I have got my energy back. I have put my mother onto the Lifetones formulation who has already started experiencing positive results and have bought Lifetones for other family members. I keep stocked up with no less than 3 bottles so that I never run out of it. I am as happy as a Honey Bee and have energy like I have never had before. I am absolutely convinced that Lifetones has healed me. Thank you, Lifetones, you have changed my life.


"Hi, my name is Lynda. A few years ago I was hit by a car whilst taking my daily walk and have been suffering with terrible pains. In addition to this, my fingers have been extremely achy and sore - I think with the onset to arthritis - to the point where they were even painful to touch. I started taking Lifetones a month ago, and for the first time in a long time I am getting my mojo back.

One short month later no longer have the pain in my fingers and knuckles and I don't feel the constant need to rub them for relief. It is also such a pleasure to wake up without a sore stiff neck and no painful joints. I have been very tired and feeling burnt out in the morning :l really

I now have some hope! So far I have also not had any side effects. I am happy and grateful for finding a product that truly delivers on its promise and would

recommend it to anyone to try it.

I am confident it will improve your life as it has for me!"

My name is Alfred Mbatha I’m 65 years of age. I live in Adams in Amanzimtoti South of Durban. I’m a pensioner and spend most of my time looking after my livestock. I own cattle, goats and chickens. I take pride in my livestock, take my cattle and goat to graze and feed my chicken in the yard. In the afternoon I go and fetch the animals and lock them up.

Now all of this can be a very strenuous exercise, mornings and afternoons, long walks, running after chickens can all be extremely tiring. Due to this in the past six months or so, I started developing pain in my knees, they would sometimes swell and I was unable to walk properly. It got to the point were I wouldn’t sleep properly, I’d wake my wife up in the middle of the night and she’d soak my feet in hot water and afterwards rub me all the way up to my knees vigorously with rubbing creams. I had every kind of rubbing cream and pain tablet you could think of. I also used traditional medication, (muti) I would go to the clinic for injections but all this helped for a short while and the pain would come back again.

Until one day I was at the chemist and the pharmacist recommended LIFETONES. I’m only on my second bottle but the difference is massive. Though I’m 65 years old and no longer a young man but I feel more at ease to run without pain and without a walking stick now. My wife is so grateful because it use to hurt her when I was in pain, and now I sleep right through the night like a baby. LIFETONES saved my life, now I’m more active and less pained. I would truly recommend it to anyone with similar symptoms. I can’t image a day without it. LIFETONES YOU ANSWERED MY PROBLEMS…….



"Hello, my name is Mr S. Govender. I'm 70 years old and have been suffering with arthritis in my fingers for about a year. The pain was so bad that even carrying a bucket of water was almost impossible. I've also been suffering with neck, back and joint pains - just climbing stairs was very difficult to do. I've tried lots of pain killers and injections but nothing has helped me. I saw the advert about Lifetones in the local paper, and went to Orient Pharmacy in Phoenix to buy a bottle.

I am so happy with the results and am almost pa i free now. I'm on my 2nd bottle and have reduced the dosage to just twice a day. I am telling all my friends about this product and want to help as many other people as possible, which is why I was prepared to share my story. I am happy to be able to carry a bucket of water again without dropping it, in pain. Lifetones has really helped me so much. Thank you for this wonderful product."



"My name is Nirmala Lakshminarayana. I have been suffering with arthritis in my knees and elbows for many years. I heard about Lifetones and went to D Med Pharmacy in Phoenix to get a bottle. I felt the results within a month of taking it 3 times a day, and was amazed. I am now able to walk without oain and feel so much better.

It's wonderful to be able to do the things that I wasn't able to do before. I've been telling my neighbors about it and am so happy to be relieved of the pain. I wish that Lifetones had been available many years ago as I would have been able to avoid the pa" build up and nip the immense discomfort in the bud. Keep up the good work"


“My Mom is 87 years old and has suffered with back problems for years. She had an operation for her back a couple of years ago, but it did not help for long. She also suffers from very sore knees due to her advanced age and, like many older folk, struggles to sleep at night too. She had to start slowly with Lifetones as she is on chronic medication. It has now been more than three weeks and her Lifetones is definitely starting to work. At first she got terrible headaches and then her body started to ache all over. We were informed that these symptoms were the result of her body beginning to detoxify and cleanse itself of excess acid. It didn’t take long for this to pass through, and the first good sign was that my mum noticed that she was sleeping much better. She says that the pain in her back is starting to ease and her knee does not hurt nearly as much. Just looking at all the things that are happening,

We can see that Lifetones is going to help her in a big way!


Thanks so much, Flora Du Toit

“My name is Richard Lightfoot and since about 2007 I have suffered badly from arthritis in my shoulders and my hands. It was so bad that I couldn't even lift my arms up. I'd go for electrotherapy & acupuncture but it would only help for a short while and then the pain would come back. Someone told me to try Lifetones, I can now work a full day without feeling pain, thanks to Lifetones. Prior to Lifetones, the pain could get so bad that sometimes I was not able to keep my hands on the wheel of my car and I could not do a full day of gardening without being immobilised with pain the next day. I won't stop taking Lifetones because I can remember clearly what that pain was like. Only someone else with arthritis can tell you how unbearable it can be. I always tell my  three sons how amazed and pleased I am that I don't have the pain anymore and can enjoy my life again thanks to Lifetones.”


“Hi, my name is Lennox Van Rooyen, I am going to be sixty – seven in

December. I still work and I keep fit by walking briskly & I have never had to take medication before but last year I developed a frozen shoulder, I have no idea how it happened, doctors always just say “it’s an age thing”. I went to an acupuncturist who relieved the shoulder and got it loosened up again, but a week afterwards I started getting horrible pains in my joints, right inside my shoulder joint. I did not know what to do.


I have four daughters; my second eldest daughter bought me a bottle

of Lifetones as a Father’s day gift after reading about it in the newspaper. I started taking it and gosh, within two days the pain

was gone. I was amazed. It worked so rapidly, I was over the moon.

At the time I thought “what a strange gift to give someone for Father’s Day” ,but when Lifetones worked I called my daughter and told her what a clever girl she was for helping her Dad like that.


I kept on taking it regularly but then eventually got a stage where I stopped taking Lifetones for a few days. It was not long before I started to feel uneasy in my joints, particularly in my shoulder. So now, I just keep taking Lifetones daily and so far so good. I’ve cut down to once a day but my shoulder says loose and my joints are

pain free. My left knee had been giving me problems, and doctors told me I’d have to have a knee replacement, but Lifetones has helped that too. I spoke to Cheryl from Lifetones and she recommended I take a cartilage builder in addition to Lifetones. It

worked and somehow I don’t think I’ll be going for that operation any time soon. I have been so pleased with my results that I’ve recommended Lifetones to many of my friends and they have all come back with similarly positive results.”


Regards Lennox van Rooyen


Indaba ngempilo ka Wilfred Vilakazi

Igama lami nguWilfred Vilakazi, Ngihlala ENanda Newtown A. Nginemnyaka engama shumi ayisikhombisa nanye (71). Ngishadile, sabusiswa ngezingane ezinhlanu (5) nabazukulu abayisithupha (6). Ngingumuntu ophila ngemali yempesheni ngakho isikhathi ngisichitha nabazukulu sibukele iTV ngoba bakhonze opopayi. Okunye okungithokozisayo ukuthi ngiyasonta emaRomeni. Ngikholwa elikukhonzile ukuya esontweni ukuyokhonza inkosi.

Kuleminyaka eyishumi nesishagalolunye (19) ngiphile ngaphansi kwezinhlungu sesifo samathambo. Izingalo, izinyawo, Amadolo namaqakala bekuvuvukala ngizwe ubuhlungu ngalendlela yokuthi ngisho uzama ukukhuluma name kube ngathi ungibangela ulaka. Izandla zibe nenkwantshu zibophane.

Kuthe ngelinye ilanga ngise khemisi emuva kokuzama zonke izinhlobo zemiti encomwayo azingisizanga ngalutho. Ekhemisi base bengitshele nge LIFETONES . Ngisayisebenzise izinyanga ezimbili nje kuphela kodwa sengizwa omukhulu umehluko. Yawaqaqa wonke amalunga abebophekile. Ngazizwa ngiqaqeka, kwabohla ukuvuvukala kwaphela nezinhlungu. Angikaze ngisibone isimanga esingaka. Sengikwazi ukuzenzela yonke into, ngiqukule izinto ezisindayo, ngiwashele nabazukulu. Ngizizwa sengathi iminyaka yami ingaphansi kunalena enginayo nempilo yami ishintshile, manje ngingumqemane ngibonga iLIFETONES!!


“Now I Can Walk….

My Arthritis is much better”

“My name is Catherine Ngutshana and I live in Phoenix. After reading about
Lifetones in the newspaper, I bought a bottle from Xtreme Health in the
Phoenix Plaza. I have been suffering with my knees since November 2011.
After using Lifetones, I found a big difference. At one stage I could not
walk. Now I can walk freely. I tell a lot of people to use Lifetones
because it helped me and it is going to help them. With one bottle it helped
me.  Thank God for that and Lifetones.”

Lifetones has been formulated to assist the body in combating the harmful effects of excess uric acid, associated with painful conditions such as gout, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, stiff or “seized” joints and general muscle aches and pains. Our formulation also includes a unique blend of herbs that are widely accepted as having potent, natural, anti- inflammatory properties, as well as cleansing and mild diuretic effects that assist the body in flushing out harmful toxins.

“We aim to improve the quality of life of all those that use Lifetones!”



Lets ease the pain!!

My name is Mrs Chetty and about four years ago I started suffering with terrible back pain. My family would try rubbing my back and I found it so difficult to even get up from a chair. Then I also developed severe joint pains, headaches and arthritis in my knee. My knee was so swollen and walking was difficult. I went to Whetstone Pharmacy in Phoenix and purchased a bottle of Lifetones, after seeing an advert in our local paper. I am now on my second bottle and can honestly say that I feel like a new person. The swelling in my knee has gone and my back is pain free. Now when I go shopping at the Plaza, I don't need to sit for five minutes every so often. I'm also no longer suffering from headaches and am even sleeping better. I'm feeling more energetic and so much lighter since taking Lifetones. I thank God for this product.




Hi There. Ive been taking Iifetones for 4 months .. I have osteoarthritis and I'm only 52.... Bad knees... Extreme joint pains and just overall stiffness when waking in the morning...

Well I am actually in awe at how Iifetones has changed my life.. I have none of the above ...I still have slight pains but the stiffness and severe joint pain is GONE .. I'm losing weight too.. Not sure if it's the life tones???

This is a miracle medicine and I don't say that lightly with anything I take for any medical condition... I cannot take anti-inflammatories as I'm allergic to most so this is a god send and if I don't take it for a day or 2 I feel the difference .. I am so so happy to have found it and won't ever live without it and hope it never gets taken of the market..

Regards Lconic Ermacora

Hi Leonie

Wow!!! It is always so wonderful to get such positive feedback and to know that Lifetones is making a difference in so many people's lives.

Yes, weight loss can be a wonderful "side effect" of taking Lifetones as it is an excellent detoxifier. As soon as your body is alkaline everything functions better!

My husband and I also take it every day and can't live without it.

Thank you and keep us updated.

Cheryl Tones


" I was suffering from left ankle pain and hip arthritis that was caused by car accident in 2010, I've worked with in an outpatient specialist without any success until I find out about Lifetones from a colleague at work (PTA) - thank you very much, Mr Mkhari. Colleagues at work even commented this year, since Winter began, that they can see the difference in me compared to last year Winter time as I've been off sick a lot. I can vouch for Lifetones - it is very good. Please keep it up!"
- Noluthando Portia Zwane



"I heard about Lifetones and decided to purchase a bottle. I found fantastic results within a month of using it and feel so much happier being free of that terrible pain. I am a nurse and work between 11 and 13 hours per shift, so being pain free makes my job a lot more manageable."
- Vida Puckree


"...first 3 days I was in more pain than I had ever been in, but I persisted as the lady in the bookshop told me how fabulous it was. On the 4th day I woke up and didn't feel too bad, by the 5th day I was feeling even better and by the 6th day I was telling everyone in the campsite to go and buy Lifetones. They all went."
- Lorna Labuschagne


"...Lifetones is a product that I would recommend to my friends and fellow sportsmen. I can certainly feel the difference when I wake up in the morning: with no more stiffness in my joints, it’s lekker to get up! I am back to playing squash regularly with no painful knees and actively enjoying all my other sports. Old age will have to wait, thanks to Lifetones."
- Jono Hornsby


"...at the age of 16, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and there was no cure. We, of course, did a lot of research and were devastated by what we found - I had to learn to live it. I started using Lifetones and I have about 99% less pain than before I started using it. I do not know how I lived through the pain, now I do not know that pain anymore. I get up in the morning with a song in my heart and a spring in my step, work is even easier. I do believe with my whole heart that Lifetones is the cause of this big change."
- Roxanne De Beer


"Before my operation, my job was quite physical and popping pills every day wasn't helping. Now I can say that Lifetones is really working for me. I feel a lot stronger and there are no more niggly aches & pains to bother me. Being more energetic thanks to Lifetones also helps me stay on top of all my activities."
- Vic Kipps