Lions Mane - 50g

Lions Mane - 50g

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Lions Mane powder is a tonic for most systems of the body. Specifically indicated in the treatment of neurological disorders, depression, anxiety and Alzheimer’s. Regulates blood sugar levels. Improves muscle strength, fights fatigue, viral infections. Improves stamina, energy levels and helps with liver repair.

Contents: 100% pure Lion's Mane powder                                                        


Half to 1 teaspoon in warm water, coffee or smoothie 1-2 x daily.

Dissolves easily & has a neutral taste


Lion's mane mushroom might slow blood clotting and reduce blood glucose levels. Do Not Use if you have pre-existing health concerns and mushroom allergies. Lion's Mane is a fungus, which means that if you have a mushroom or mould allergy, you will likely be affected

 Keep out of reach of children. 

Store below 30ºC            

Not to be taken during pregnancy.

No artificial preservatives or flavourings.

No known contra-indications.