PV7 - Pathogens/ Viruses 100ml


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Pathogens / Viruses can be identified with the following symptoms, fever, fatigue, headaches,    coughing, sore throat, diarrhoea, muscular pain and stiffness, depression, irritability & anxiety. Chickenpox, Coxsackie, Encephalitis and meningitis (both can be caused by viruses or bacteria), Epstein-Barr virus (Glandular Fever), Flu (influenza), Herpes, Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS), Human papillomavirus (HPV), ME, Mumps, measles and rubella, Shingles,  Viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu),  Viral hepatitis, Viral meningitis, Viral pneumonia, warts, Yuppie Flu.

Contents: 50% Medicinal Ethanol, Sanguinaria canadensis, Chapparal, Propolis, Tansy, Thuja, Wormwood, Poke Root 

Adult Dosage:  
First week: 15 drops in a little water drink 2 x daily. Second week: 20 drops twice daily. Third Week onwards until the bottle is finished: 30 drops twice daily. The second bottle onwards should be taken at 10 drops twice daily as a preventative for long term therapy.
Child Dosage: (3-12 years): 10 drops in a little water drink 2 x daily until the bottle is finished and then reduce to 5 drops twice daily.


Warning: You may feel nauseous and tired in the first few days (Rest as much as possible). This indicates that the formula is working. Contact us if you have any further questions. 


Shake well before use. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30ºC. Not to be taken during pregnancy. No artificial preservatives or flavourings. No known contra-indications.

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